What is there to say?


Cats and rabbits 
Would reside in fancy little houses 
And be dressed in shoes 
And hats and trousers 
In a world of my own 

All the flowers 
Would have very 
Extra special powers 
They would sit 
And talk to me for hours 
When I’m lonely 
In a world of my own 

There’d be new birds 
Lots of nice and friendly 
How-do’ya do birds 
Everyone would have 
A dozen blue birds 
Within that world of my own 

I could listen to a babbling brook 
And hear a song that I could understand 
I keep wishing it could be that way 
Because my world would be a wonderland 

Alice in Wonderland
— 1 year ago

Do you sleep anymore? Because I don’t…. Not without you at least. You make me feel so at ease, like nothing in the world can touch me.
I would die of exhaustion if it wasn’t for you. But then again you’re the reason I can’t sleep anymore

— 1 year ago